• 2nd November – service ok
  • 3rd November – service ok
  • 4th November – start of service lost as driver misread diagram and went to Watford instead of collecting unit from Bletchley. Once finally arrived at Watford could not get any power. After much debate found to be Network Rail had left overhead line power off! Once power was back on, the unit had insufficient battery power to raise the pantograph – fitter had to raise manually.
  • 5th November – service ok
  • 6th November – service ok
  • 7th November – service ok except that cab-to-cab communication was lost; fitter rectified.
  • 8th November – service ok
  • 9th November – service ok with some minor adhesion issues
  • 10th November – severe adhesion issues in the evening due to leaf fall and rain
  • 11th November – wheel flats on train first thing, had to be swapped out with a mainline service

“Things are improving and we are protecting the Abbey Line at the expense of a set on the mainline. Still much to do to get reliability where we want it. Please accept my apologies again.”

Terry Oliver, Head of West Coast Services, London Midland

For more details on why leaves and rain cause trouble for trains, visit: