Man using Ticket MachineThe Abbey Flyer is a ‘pay-train’. This means you can board the train at any station and buy a ticket from the onboard conductor.

If you have an onward connection and have not been able to purchase a ticket by the time you get to Watford Junction, you can buy one there at the excess fare window.

Conductors will accept cash, credit or debit cards. Ticket machines are also available at Watford Junction, Watford North and St Albans Abbey (currently this one is card only).

Weekly season tickets can be purchased from the on-board conductor.

To find the specific price of a ticket for your journey, please visit

ABFLY ticket machinePenalty fares do not apply for journeys on the Abbey Line.

General information about tickets – click to see London Midland Tickets.


Train Delays

If your train journey is delayed by 30minutes or more you can claim a refund from London Midland by following the link


Ticket office