In our latest paper newsletter we announced that it would likely be the last printed edition. This does not mean that we don’t have lots of news that we want to keep you up to date on, things are changing faster than ever. Instead of the paper newsletter we will start to send you more frequent emails (don’t worry they won’t be too frequent, we can’t type that quickly). Not only do we hope that we will be able to get the news to you quicker but we also really want to grow our membership. We already have over three hundred members, however our influence with the train operating companies, the councils, politicians and more widely depends not only on the quality of our interventions but also on the size of our membership. So not only can we do things quicker with email but we can also do it much cheaper.

So we are going to make two changes:

Firstly we are going to move all of the emails to a mailing list service provided by Google – this will mean that you can manage your own subscription, if you are bored of us then you can unsubscribe or you can invite more of your friends, family or fellow commuters to join our mailing list as well.  This also means you will be able to see our archive of email newsletters online if you ever want to go back to find one. Why not spread the words to your friends or other commuters, if they would like they can join.

Secondly we are going to remove the membership fee. With the removal of the paper newsletter our costs are much lower and we want to see if we can boost our membership by letting people join for free. We hope that those people who find what we are doing important, interesting and want to safeguard the line will be kind enough to donate some money to keep us going.  If you feel that you would like to donate a couple of pounds towards this please do so using PayPal where you can make a single donation or if you are feeling particularly generous you can choose to donate a little each month to keep us going and enable us to do more to campaign for improved rail service