The Abbey Flyers Users’ Group has completed a survey to show just how important the line is for its community. We want to thank everyone who took part in it and shared their thoughts and inspiring stories.

The Abbey Line is hugely valuable to my family as I am unable to drive and it enables us to visit our family in Watford…without it I would have no way of independently getting to Watford in a timely fashion.

Passengers changing at Watford Junction

The line is a valuable part of our community. Participants in the survey think taking the train is a better option than a bus as the journey between St Albans and Watford is faster and more comfortable. But the infrequency of the service is off-putting people from using it. Some prefer to drive because of the inconvenient timetable.

Purchasing tickets is another problem cited by many. Tickets machines don’t work all the time and tickets are considered to be expensive for the journey. Some suggested an app which can save time and allow customers to buy a ticket even when ticket machines are out of order.

I sometimes don’t buy a ticket for parking at St Albans as the queue at the ticket machine is too long…A reliable app to purchase parking tickets would be welcome.

There is a high interest for through trains to London Euston and later service. Currently the last train on the Abbey line runs until 22:21 from Watford to St Albans and 22:42 back to Watford. Sports fan would like to have later trains on the days when Watford FC have a match. A later service on Fridays and Saturdays is also desired by many.

The results

How often do you use the Abbey Line?

Why do you travel by the Abbey Line?

Where do you you regularly travel from?

Where do you regularly travel to?

Do you regularly change from the Abbey Line onto other rail services?

Do you ever travel by car when you could have used the Abbey Line?

Do you ever travel by bus when you could have used the Abbey Line?

Why do people choose not to use the Abbey Line?

How often do you buy a ticket to travel on the Abbey Line?

Why do you not buy a ticket to travel on the Abbey Line?

Have you ever used the SC1 bus connecting St Albans Abbey and City stations?

Why do you not use the SC1 bus?